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Our costumers con use the pool of Podere del Gesso,property of Podere Giovanni Olivo. It is located only 1km from Podere Giovanni Olivo and is easly accessible by car. There are two pool ,one for adults and a shallow one for children,so that the little ones,can have fun without danger. The Podere del Gesso also has a gazebo for sunbathing and is equipped with sun loungers,showers,toilets and changing rooms. Our tour-legged friends are very welcome guests of the farm but to avoid causing damage and disturbance to other guests,they are not allowed in the pool.



-The Swimming pool is open from May to Semptember:use of the swimming pool and natural solarium is free and for security reasons,reserved exclusively for guests staying at Podere Giulio and Podere Giovanni Olivo.

-Guests are not allowed friends and relatives from outside the farm.

-It is forbidden to allow animals into the pool area.

-Night swimming is not permitted.

-There is no lifeguard at the pool,therefore minors must be accompanied by an adult Children can access the pool and dive in only with the presence of an adult who is responsable for the child.

-It is forbidden-to dive- to run around the pool- to play potentially dangerous pranks in the water- to play ball in the water- to eat in the water.

-It is advisable to be careful and not swim or dive in on a full stomach.

-The entrance gate must be kept close.